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I betted $250 on this years Melbourne Cup winner (major horse race) and won $2175.


Thank you for answering.

  • not really anything as cool as winning lage ammounts of money, but one time i was wearing a skirt, im a guy. and my dog broke a glass in my living room my mom came out and saw me, but she didnt notice what i was wearing. i felt like i was going to die, because she hates gays and verry christian.
  • I inherited $25,000 from a relative who despised me.

    One time I was totally unexpectedly given a check for $5,000 as a reward for turning in some keys I found.

    There are lots of things that I could list (big and small) but that should suffice.

  • Being a 6 hours walk away from civilization one way, a 7 hour walk away the other way, in the snow, at night, in the mountains, in summery clothes, with no phone, no food, an empty water bottle, no tent, nobody knowing where I was, face to face with a disgruntled bull (apparently, cows are very sensitive, and my unrest caused a cow to make a sort of shrieking sound, which got the bulls attention)… I happened to have 3 hunters come across my path, who pulled me over the fence, took me to their cabin, gave me food, made a nice fire, gave me a sweater, gave me a bed to sleep in.

    These hunters only came to the cabin once a year for a few days.

  • It’s a random story. I went to a school bowling event with my girlfriend at the time. We spent all of our money getting drunk at the bar in the bowling alley, and never actually bowled. Afterward, I drove us home and ended up going down the wrong side of an interstate highway. I was pulled over. The officer could have easily arrested me. Instead he told me to follow him to a gas station. He told me to get some coffee and food, and to not get back on the road until the sun is up. So yeah, I could have died, killed other people and ended up in jail. Instead I got a mocha and some donuts. I haven’t done anything like that since, and I won’t ever again.
  • I was born and not aborted.
  • After my birthday bash, I joined a special group of elites………..
  • meeting my sweetie by chance <3

    mom took us to the horse track as children and i managed to turn $20 into $100.

    in vegas i played the penny slots ( not a fan of casinos ) and made over $20.

  • I got shot from 6′ away and didn’t die….
  • Probably getting my current job.


New Orleans Fair Ground Betting – The Big Easy December 20th, 2011 | Horse Racing betting | No Comments »

The Big Easy, also known as The Crescent City or Nawlins is the home of the Fair Grounds Race Course and those looking for some spicy sports betting action have this venue to consider until late March.

Known then as the Union Course, thoroughbred racing started at that track now known as the Fair Grounds way back in 1853.

Forty years later racing charts appeared in local papers for the first time and notorious cowboy Pat Garret, who killed Billy the Kid, raced a stable in the beginning decades at the Fair Grounds.

In recent years, the Fair Grounds has been a good spot for young horses to mature and that’s one reason why online best sportsbook players should pay attention to this meet.

War Emblem won at Fair Grounds during the 2001-02 meet and then went on to take the Kentucky Derby. The Louisiana Derby second Funny Cide won the first two legs of the Triple Crown in 2003.

As for the older set, Rachel Alexandra became the first reigning Horse of the Year to start at Fair Grounds since 1942 but was defeated in her 4-year-old debut.

This season, the Louisiana Derby will carry a $1 million purse and should bring together a full field of aspiring runners.

As far as wagering this year at the Fair Grounds, there are some unique trends about this track. Last season for instance, the top 5 jockeys in the colony won nearly half of all the races.

Runners that ship in from Arlington Park in Chicago, especially early in the meeting, seem to excel in numbers year in and year out.

Racehorses that come to the meeting fresh can pop and sometimes at prices. Local horsemen often will shelf their runners well before Thanksgiving and bring them in for the bigger paydays.

As far as conditioners go at Fair Grounds, players can start with the sports betting online A’s like Tom Amoss, Albert Stall and Steven Asmussen and move on to the B’s like Brent Calhoun and have a solid nucleus of success.

Amoss, who has won meetings locally 9 prior times, and Stall, who trained Blame to beat the great Zenyatta in the BC Classic, are off to great starts this season.

Combined they won with 11 of the first 33 starters they saddled.

Asmussen has not had many starters to this point but is seeking his fifth straight training title.

As for Calhoun, he had a breakout year in 2010 winning two Breeders’ Cup races and he has finished second to Asmussen in the standings here three times.

The ladies are well represented at this meet as far as the chauffeurs are concerned, as Rosie Napravnik will try to defend her riding title at Fair Grounds.

With her 110 wins last season, she became the first woman to finish on top, proved her cool winning the Louisiana Derby and is off to a good start leading the league already. Her success is no fluke as she had previously won riding titles at Delaware, Pimlico and Laurel.

The venerable Robby Albarado is the all-time stakes-winning rider at Fair Grounds and will have his pick of the prime mounts once again.

Look for speed to be prominent on the main and turf course but you can come from the clouds with a fast enough pace. Inside posts on the main track are generally the places to be.

So kick back, relax, enjoy the vibes and win some cash this meet enjoying The Big Easy.

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I like horse racing. I would like to know if there is a easy way to bet and make money. I know trifecta is good but hard. SHOW is easier I think. Sure I bet $100 to SHOW is that a good idea? Do I have more chances like that to make money?

  • go long!
  • More money is taken out of the place and show pools than the win pool.. Exotic pools even more.. The books say play “win”..
    Study your stuff.. Pick your nag and play it up-front.. I know it’s a gambling thing but to me there is nothing worse than having 20 bucks on a horse to show and it pays 4 bucks. And the darn thing wins and pays $18.40..
    Study TRAINERS.. Claimers going to a good barn. Have some fun pickin ponies.
    Right.. Never bet a lot to make a little.. Bet a little to make a lot..
  • No matter what, unless you have connections to the track, you are playing a LOSING game.

    The ponies have a 20% take on the money. In other words, if $100,000 is bet on any single race, the track takes $20,000 out of that money just for themselves. They only put $80,000 of all that money into all the various prize pools.

    A 20% take on the money is all but impossible to beat. Very few can, and again – those who can, do so with connections to the track.

    If you follow Show betting enough, occasionally you might find something with good value, but it’s still a craps shoot. Here’s an example to illustrate what you’re up against.

    Let’s say you notice that not much money has been wagered for the Show position on one of the favorites of the race. You’re seeing more money has been wagered on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th most favored horses than has been wagered on the 1st most favored horse. THAT is a good value for betting the Show on that favorite horse. Instead of getting a 2.20 payout on a Show bet, perhaps that horse will end up paying 2.5 or better. For a favorite, that would be a fairly good payout for Show.

    Problem: You notice this value bet, and you wager $100 on the Show for the favorite. You do this 2 minutes before post. Suddenly, by the time 1 minute to post rolls around, you see tons of money going into the Show pool for that favored horse! Now the payout plummets back to 2.20 or worse!

    More problem: Let’s just say that didn’t happen. Let’s say the payout is going to be half way decent at about 2.50. What does that mean??? Well, at a 2.50 payout per two-dollar ticket, that means you MUST WIN this bet 4 times for every 1 time that you LOSE the bet just to break even! So if you find this value on 5 separate races and bet $100 each time, if you WIN 4 times and just LOSE 1 time, you break even on your betting! Any worse rate than that, and you’re losing money!

    Yes – you WILL WIN this bet much more often. Will you win it enough to make it worth it? Almost certainly not. By the way, if the price plummets to a 2.20 payout, that means you need to win this bet TEN times for every 1 time you lose!!!

    Long story short – the answer is “NO!” There is NOT an easy way to bet and make money with horse racing. Going to the track can be fun, especially if you enjoy watching the race live. It can be fun to wager on horses, just the same that it can be fun to bet on the roulette wheel. In the long run, you are PAYING for this fun. You will no easier make money from horse racing as you will from playing roulette.

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Who: Thoroughbreds – Empire Way ( on top)
What: Horse Racing Betting Tips – The $750,000 Cashcall Futurity
Where: Hollywood Park
When: Saturday, December 17th

Juveniles on the West Coast get one more shot at glory Saturday in the mile and a sixteenth $750,000 CashCall Futurity and online sports players should pay attention as the winner will have one leg up on Kentucky Derby success.

Six Futurity starters have gone on to win the Kentucky Derby starting with Gato Del Sol in 1982 and ending with wild long shot Giacomo in 2005.

The winner of this race last year, Comma to the Top, was coming off a win on grass in the Grade 3 Generous as he got an ideal 2-hole trip to post a 95 winning Beyer.

Horses are coming from near and far to compete this year.

Desormais was flown to California from Europe Wednesday, one day after Cozzetti arrived from Kentucky, to swell the lineup.

He is in the Paddy Gallagher barn but owning spokesman Aron Wellman had this to say about the runner, Wellman: “We bought Desormais after he broke his maiden in his third start on November 15, at a mile and a quarter at Marseilles. I’m worried the Futurity might be a little too short for him.”

Cozzetti broke his maiden by five lengths in his third try on a sloppy Churchill Downs track in November but would not get oversold on the margin.

Majestic City is unbeaten at Hollywood and will have the services of Ramon Dominguez. He is trained by Pete Miller, who won this race last year.

Handsome Mike is trying to take the same route as last year’s winner as he was a solid second in the Generous. The colt has to prove he can handle the synthetic.

Brother Francis figures to enjoy the distance but as a maiden, he could have his work cut out while Groovin’ Solo is also looking for his first win and will be a huge price.

Empire Way is bred to get the trip on both sides of the pedigree and he does retain Joel Rosario for this. How high might the expectations be for this guy? He is a full brother to multiple Grade 1 winner and over $1.6 million earner Royal Delta.

Drill needs a rebound run. He is a Grade 1 winner but disappointing as the beaten chalk in the Norfolk, and then bore in sharply in the BC Juvenile. The Bob Baffert charge seemed in the right spot last time but was fried in a duel and dropped back quickly.

Sky Kingdom, another Baffert charge, freaked on the surface to graduate and has drilled fast since while Blingo walked out of the gate in his turf debut, could have sulked, but came flying to win going away.

Rousing Sermon has to prove he can win outside of state-bred land but he did run well in open company last time vs. rival on his direct outside, Liaison, who was troubled in the debut, has run three bang-up races and is yet another Baffert bullet.

Basmati improved when given a chance to route and he can give you a sub :22 quarter if in the mood.

Face it, this is a made scramble with several in here with tons of upside. The play here is to key Empire Way first and second in the trifecta for a buck with Handsome Mike, Drill, Blingo, Majestic City and Liaison.

Good luck and have a great holiday season. See you at Santa Anita the day after Christmas.

Are Horse Races fixed, look…. December 18th, 2011 | Horse Racing betting | No Comments »

I might be a little new to handicapping but I was looking at the first race at Aquaduct. I noticed that in the stats for the horses, none came close to Sheza Heartbreaker. He was ridden by Curotolo twice and produced a beyer 83 and 79. He was subsequently ridden by Ortiz and produced a beyer 49 and others rarely produced above 70 giving the impression that the jockey was the key to the horses performance. Curotolo was riding him yesterday and placed 3rd being beaten by Much Fanfare who typically had worse times. Fortunately I did not bet it because I suspected something wrong. It was too easy to conclude Sheza H would win which he did not. (In all cases I considered the track conditions were fast)

This is why they call it gambling. Ask yourself a few questions before assuming the worse. Was Curotolo riding the day Ortiz was on the horse? If so, maybe Curotolo knew the horse couldn’t handle the competition and took off the horse. Maybe the owner or trainer wanted to make a change. You only toss numbers around – what were the conditions of the races and the distances? People who live by the “numbers” die by the “numbers”. Trust me if they were fool proof Andy wouldn’t be the hustling degenerate gambler he is. Not to mention the “bounce” factor – horses generally do not run three good races in a row. And as a well know agent once said to Mack Miller – “Time only counts when you’re doing it”.

There could be multiple things a bettor cannot predict or even aware of that can happen on the race track with any give race, we can speculate but never be certain of any criminal activity if any…with that, my answer is this, as I’ve said before in similar past questions- Fixing a race or races is highly unlikely and to mention a very very series crime. And the truth is that a horse race would be more difficult to fix more than just about any other activity on which money is bet. To cheat or fix a horse race so that a result of a certain order could be achieved, a criminal would probably need to get seven or eight jockeys and five or six trainers to put together a game plan, which is highly unlikely. And, the fact is many who have thought of or even tried to arrange fix races have lived to regret it.

I see it as impossible to rig races. In stake races and horse racing in general, it’s every man for them-self, so to speak. Usually the losers are always the complainers, they bet more than they can afford and lash out… otherwise if winning this question would never be..lol… I feel it best to walk away from the sport rather than stab the sport, because there’s “no” guarantee for anyone, to continue betting on horses you must accept there’s no guarantee, take your chances, don’t bet every race, and certainly don’t bet more than you can afford, and be sure to double check your picks for accuracy. To many variables otherwise.. :)

How much would i get in horse racing December 16th, 2011 | Horse Racing betting | No Comments »

If I bet $20 to SHOW and it pays $2.2, would I get $40?

stop gambling…. you’ll ruin your life….

A $20.00 ticket will pay $22.00 at that rate. To be extra clear, that means you only profited $2.00.

The payout is always based on a 2-dollar ticket. In this example, a 2-dollar ticket pays out $2.20. (A 20-cent profit.)


Teehan Western is wrong. I, (and LegFuJohnson), am right.

$44 20 x 2.2

No, you wouldn’t get $40, unless the guy at the window didn’t know what he was doing.

You’d get $22 back. Big $2 win, don’t spend it all in one place.

Bet On Horse Racing Online – P Val Hanging Up the Boots December 13th, 2011 | Horse Racing betting | No Comments »

There will be no more sport betting resurrections of Patrick Valenzuela’s career as he decided to hang up the racing boots in a career that spanned 33 years and for all the problems he has had, the fans and some online sports betting enthusiasts loved this guy, can learn from his career and will miss him the most.

Near constant pain in his knees and a recent gall bladder operation were the straws that broke P Val’s back and just like any superior athlete and even at 49, retirement will not be an easy pill for him to swallow.

Sunday Silence was his break out horse as he won two thirds of the Triple Crown with the Charlie Whittingham trainee. He also won 7 Breeders’ Cup races including the visually amazing score in 1991 by Arazi in the Juvenile.

The maligned rider has been suspended more often then some people change their socks. He out distanced former Los Angeles Dodgers pitched Steve Howe in days lost by suspension by the length of the stretch. But no matter how many things went wrong, no matter how many drug tests he failed, no matter how many days he just didn’t show up, he was embraced by owners, trainers and sports betting websites fans alike when he did get back into action.

He continually had a smile on his face, would often win with his first mount back and even at his advance age, was still a top-10 rider in one of the toughest jockey colonies in the world.

Many in the game will sit down and tell you that he had the ability to be one of the best ever. And that is beyond The Shoe, and the Pirate, Laffit Pincay, Jr. and some of the other greats.

Horses just ran for him. The same way they did for Kenny Black before that rider had his own personal demons jump up and get him.

Patrick would put horses where they belong and he always seems to coax just a little more from them down the lane. It is kind of like a nuclear power war. If you don’t use him as a trainer, the other guys at the barns will and they just might have the deciding edge. If you do use him, you will be advising your owners that this is the guy to take them and their stock to the promised land if he can show up to work.

As a sportsbooks handicapper, you had to factor him into the pace game plan more than any other rider probably in history. If a bettor was looking to take a swing on a runner that appeared to be the lone speed, but P Val was on another horse, he could change the complexion of the race just by allowing his mount to gun early and therefore hurt the chances of the apparent lone speed.

The final stats will read 4,333 races won and money earned by his mounts of nearly $164 million but they don’t come close to telling the true saga of one of the most talented chauffeurs in the history of the sport.

Trio of Juicy Stakes Matchups on Saturday December 10th, 2011 | Horse Racing betting | No Comments »

Who: Thoroughbreds – Pomeroys Pistol, Third Chance, Populist Politics, Star Guitar, Weemissfrankie, Charm the Maker
What: Horse Racing Betting Tips – The Sugar Swirl, The Louisiana Champions Day Classic, The Hollywood Starlet
Where: Gulfstream Park, Fair Grounds, Hollywood Park
When: Saturday, December 10th

Can the red-hot Third Chance knock off Pomeroys Pistol in The Sugar Swirl (Grade 3) at Gulfstream Park? Can up-and-coming 3YO Populist Politics defeat Louisiana-bred kingpin Star Guitar in The Louisiana Champions Day Classic at Fair Grounds? Can the regally-bred Charm the Maker turn the tables on Weemissfrankie in The Hollywood Starlet (Grade 1) at Hollywood Park? Let’s take a closer look at these intriguing matchups.

In The Sugar Swirl, earnings leader Pomeroys Pistol ($510,178) figures to go favored. She rarely runs a bad one, and exits a solid fourth-place effort in The Breeders’ Cup Filly and Mare Sprint. She’s also proven at Gulfstream Park, with a record of 3-1-1-1 in a trio of graded stakes early in the year. However, her lifetime-best Beyer Speed Figure of 98 is just a point better than that of the red-hot Third Chance (97), who’s on a four-race win streak (by a combined 29 lengths). True, the Hawthorne-to-Gulfstream move didn’t work for this filly in January, but she’s a much-improved horse since then. I like her outside post as well…it gives regular rider Jozbin Santana some options. Note that the trainer/jockey combo is winning at an astonishing 40% clip, with an ROI of $2.69 (for each $2.00 bet). I’ll bet on the hot horse/connections to win at odds of 5-2 or better.

Populist Politics is a very nice 3YO. He made a big move before fading late to finish third in the Grade 2 Super Derby, and demolished older La-breds last out in The Mr. Sulu Stakes locally. His career-best Beyer (94) is just two points shy of Star Guitar’s top 2011 fig (96). That bullet breeze (:47 4/5…fastest of 79 at the distance) a week ago wasn’t too shabby either. Still, in Star Guitar, you’re dealing with one of the all-time great La-breds. He’s won 20-of-26 lifetime, for earnings of more than $1.4 MM, and he’s 8-of-10 lifetime at Fair Grounds. Defending champ Star Guitar is following the same schedule as last year, but note that he enters this affair in even better form, shooting for his 7th straight authoritative win. I’ll bet a straight 6-4 exacta…#6-Star Guitar over #4-Populist Politics.

Weemissfrankie had plenty of support in The Breeders’ Cup Juvenile Fillies, finishing third in a 14-horse field at odds of 5-1. Prior to her trip east, she defeated Charm the Maker by a length in the Grade 1 Oak Leaf at Santa Anita. However, I’m leaning toward the beautifully-bred Charm the Maker to turn the tables on her main rival. Weemissfrankie had an experience edge in The Oak Leaf, having already won a Grade 1, while Charm the Maker was exiting a debut maiden score. This time, Charm the Maker owns a two-turn stakes win over the track, while Weemissfrankie is making her Hollywood Park bow after a potentially draining trip to Churchill Downs. Charm the Maker’s got a bit more tactical speed as well, so she should get the jump on ‘Frankie. I’ll bet on Charm the Maker to win at odds of 3-2 or better.

Those are my horse racing betting tips for the weekend. Best of luck and happy gambling!

Philly Stakes Betting – Philly Fanatics December 8th, 2011 | Horse Racing betting | No Comments »

Who: Thoroughbreds – Francesco Rules
What: Horse Racing Betting Tips – The $75,000 Pennsylvania
Where: Parx Racing
When: Saturday, December 10th

Sometimes to sharpen skills, online wagering sports players need to look outside the box and that brings us to the 7-furlong Pennsylvania Nursery for state-bred 2-year-olds in the City of Brotherly Love.

The Parx Racing feature on Saturday offers a $75,000 purse and 9 will face the starters.

From the rail out, Francesco Rules has never run a bad race. He has proven he can be placed anywhere and still perform, has a right to have a solid career as kin to 7-time winner and near $225,000 earner Wild Cat Mesa and he was flattered when the horse that beat him two races back won a $75,000 stakes next out by 6 lengths as the prohibitive chalk.

Noifswhatsorbuts is the more powerful half of the Randy Allen entry and he looked good winning in the slop last time. The bad news is that he was just boosting the rail runner, who beat him easily in the November debut.

Traffic Light started his career in fine fashion but regressed badly in last on a strip he may not have cared for very much. Connections have high expectations for this guy since he is a half brother to Grade 2 winner and over $450,000 earner Simply Splendid.

Legendofsparticus shocked at 18-1 in the sports betting debut but regressed badly at Laurel, then ran around the track when whipped by the rail rival.

Bellamy Express had legit trouble in his debut when stumbling at the break but stretched out successfully when he controlled the pace setting very moderate splits at a mile. He’s looking at much more speed here and will likely be a late factor if at all.

Quotable is a grinder. His only sportsbooks win came at an abbreviated distance and he has been handled by a number of today’s rivals.

Ill Conceived added Lasix last time to no avail, now gets blinkers and could be more on the muscle. Could envision a trip where he will sit 5 or 6 lengths off the pace hoping the race falls apart.

Runnin Bull is in a slump. He was taxed graduating in July and has not won since. Out of the money the other time at this distance, this guy has a lot of work to do to match top kin Showmeitall, who won a Grade 2 on way to over $300,000 career.

Drawn outside is Pollard’s Boy, a double winner at Penn National. His connections thought enough of him to try a stakes at Aqueduct last time when wide every step.

Look for it to unfold like this: Traffic Light will be sent hard trying to steal the race but the two inside horses Francesco Rules and Noifswhatsorbuts will be in full pursuit.

The rest of the field will be in the next flight and will likely lose contact.

At the top of the lane, Traffic Light sees red and stops while Francesco Rules gets the ideal 3-hole trip and nails Noifswhatsorbuts at the wire.

Take 5-2 or more with Francesco Rules and good luck.

Tampa Bay Downs Betting – Other Sunshine Action December 6th, 2011 | Horse Racing betting | No Comments »

Tampa Bay Downs, which kicked off Saturday for its 86th season, was a long-time haunt of New York Yankee Boss George Steinbrenner and is a hidden online best sportsbook gem in the early portion of the racing year. Bettors will be much better off in the long run if they pay attention to this meet and to the shippers that will go elsewhere when the meet ends in May.

The Tampa form seems to hold up better every year and although it doesn’t have the glitter and glory of Gulfstream Park there are some good riders and some very good trainers that ply their trade there.

The highlight of the sport betting meeting will be the Grade 2 $350,000 Tampa Bay Derby on March 10 but there are some other serious stakes there that sophomores can build momentum toward the spring classics.

The riding title should be up for grabs since Daniel Centeno, who was second in the standings last year mainly due to being injured, will move his tack to Gulfstream.

Ronnie Allen Jr. will try to defend his status and win a consecutive Tampa title. One rider to look out for is Mark Guidry, who has been around forever and should find his way into some veteran stables.

When scrutinizing turf races, know that Leandro Goncalves was second to Allen in most turf wins despite getting 23 fewer chances.

Daniel Coa also had a great season on the grass course, as did the Rosemary Homeister

A trainer to watch with comebackers this meet is Gerald Bennett. He is great with horses that need some tender loving care. The Canadian native has been a fixture in the Michigan racing scene for what seems life forever but is best known for his work with Beau Genius. A few seasons ago he planned and orchestrated that runner’s 13 stakes winning career which including Grade 1 scores in Jersey in the Haskell and Phil Iselin.

Bennett had a sensational Tampa meet last year tying for the title with Jamie Ness, who despite sending out 58 fewer starters, still matched Bennett’s win total of 61, according to sports betting websites.

There was quality in small numbers for Jorge Navarro last season as he won with 23% of his starters. The very patient Ian Wilkes had a solid stand with 13 happy endings from 52 runners but Lonnie Arturburn did him a bit better popping with 11 of his 40 steeds.

One of my favorite trainers in the country has called Tampa his winter home since the 2001 season and when bettors see runners mentored by Tom Proctor, they had better pay attention.

Tom learned from his pops, the legendary Willard, who is one of the most respected trainers in California history.

The younger Proctor broke into the Tampa scene and promptly hit at a 60% win clip going 15 for 25. He proved that number was no fluke but following up with seasons of 32%, 36% and last year 37%.

Last year, Proctor only sent out 77 starters but 15 came back to the winner’s circle and another 17 ran in the money.

The best thing about Proctor is he is dangerous at a price and he has been known to saunter to the betting windows.

So, when things get boring for online sports players in New York, or at Gulfstream, or even at Santa Anita, take a glance at the Tampa Bay action and get in on the value.