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Milwaukee Brewers Bank on Break to Quell Losing Streak July 21st, 2014 | Horse Racing betting | No Comments »

Well rested and ready to power through the final stretch, the Milwaukee Brewers are looking to bounce back in their first series after the All-Star Break. Prior to the hiatus, things went from bad to worse for the NL Central leader. They’re still 16/1 to win the World Series, but can Ryan Braun and company fortify their division lead before it’s too late?

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The Brewers emerged as unlikely contenders in the beginning of the 2014 campaign. As months passed, they refused to let up. The team has high expectations to live up to after their temporary foray as this season’s best team.

It’s quite possible that Milwaukee is a legitimate contender but is simply experiencing a dry spell. It’s also possible that their initial success was a flash of luck. Either way, their MLB odds are bound to shift depending on their weekend series against the NL East leading Washington Nationals.

Pull up a seat as the rag tag group of Jonathan Lucroy, Scooter Gennett and Carlos Gomez push the limits of this franchise’s capabilities.

Golf Odds: British Open Returns with Star-Studded Field July 19th, 2014 | Horse Racing betting | No Comments »

The Open Championship is one of the most popular and highly anticipated tournaments on the calendar, but betting on it won’t be easy. A plethora of legitimate contenders will battle for bragging rights in the third major Championship of the season.

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While Adam Scott leads all contestants (12/1 to win the British Open), he’ll have his work cut out for him. He’ll go up against high profile opponents like Tiger Woods (18/1) and Rory McIlroy (14/1).

Other foes, like reigning champion Phil Mickelson (20/1) and FedExCup point leader Jimmy Walker (80/1) are just as fearsome.

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NBA Betting: Rockets Reel from Lousy Summer July 18th, 2014 | Horse Racing betting | No Comments »

The NBA offseason has been a joyous occasion for some teams (we’re looking at you, Cleveland), but not all teams have fared well. Remember the Houston Rockets and their passionate bid for a third superstar? Well, they missed out on LeBron James, and then they missed out on Chris Bosh. To make things worse, the Mavericks coaxed Chandler Parsons away. The Rockets are back where they started. They are 10/1 to win the 2015 NBA championship, but those odds may be too generous.

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NBA Betting: Cleveland is Not the Only Team to Improve July 18th, 2014 | Horse Racing betting | No Comments »

LeBron James is going back to Cleveland. As the King goes, so does the sportsbook. Cleveland, 15/4 to win the NBA championship, is now the team to beat. James’ return is the driving force, but the addition of Kyrie Irving and No. 1 overall pick Andrew Wiggins certainly improves the team’s position too.

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Still, as excited as we are to see the Cavaliers’ new look, it’s not the only team to make headlines this summer. The Chicago Bulls have established themselves as a legitimate contender, and they share the Central Division with Cleveland.

Will the additions of Pau Gasol and Euroleague sensation Nikola Mirotic resonate more in the Windy City than people are expecting? The Bulls are 13/2 to win the championship, and those odds could climb further if Derrick Rose returns in tip-top shape.

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World Cup Odds: Germany Awaits Final Opponent July 13th, 2014 | Horse Racing betting | No Comments »

They played without Neymar, but don’t think that the goal scorer’s presence would have quelled Germany’s relentless offensive attack in the semifinals this week. Falling in dramatic fashion by a 7-1 score line, the host nation stepped aside as the Germans took the lead. Germany is -150 to win the World Cup.

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Now charged with the task of handling either Argentina or the Netherlands, Germany has to figure out how to thrive down the stretch. Every World Cup, the German squad winds up on the contending shortlist, but they haven’t managed to win since 1990.

Their drought could end this year. Can Thomas Müeller, with five goals and three assists to his name, continue to pace the German juggernaut program? Those are questions the soccer betting community must answer.

Germany pushed ahead of Brazil early in their semifinal showing and never looked back. Can they replicate the feat against a team that isn’t reeling from the loss of their superstar?

There’s only one way to find out.

World Cup Betting: Sportsbook Stumped as Contenders Compete Down Stretch July 13th, 2014 | Horse Racing betting | No Comments »

Just four teams remain in contention for the championship, but that doesn’t make betting on the World Cup any easier. This week, the highly anticipated semifinals will unfold, opening up a gateway to the soccer history books.

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In one semifinal set, host nation Brazil will tackle a consistently formidable German squad. Both teams are +250 to win the World Cup. Can Brazil recover from the loss of Neymar?

On the other hand, the Netherlands will look to beat their odds (+350 to win the World Cup) and secure a second consecutive berth in the finals. To do it, they’ll have to get through Lionel Messi and Argentina (+240).

MLB Odds: Jays Gain Momentum and Now Face AL-Leading Athletics July 13th, 2014 | Horse Racing betting | No Comments »

The Toronto Blue Jays just finished knocking around the National League’s top team. Having turned the MLB odds on their head, the Jays will hit the road to see if they can do it all over again against their own league’s top team.

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The Brewers are to the NL what the Oakland Athletics are to the AL. Both teams hopped out of the gates with early division leads and have gradually established themselves as top teams over the course of the summer.

Still, while the two may be neck and neck in the overall standings, the Athletics are more revered in the sportsbook. The Brewers are just 12/1 to win the World Series while the Athletics are 11/1.

Are the Jays finally showing signs that they’re the contenders that many assumed they would be during the offseason before last? Their 2013 campaign was a bust, but hope remains for the future.

Regardless of what sports bettors think of the team now, another solid performance against a league-leader could change their outlook heading forward.

NBA Betting: Resilient Heat Take Stand, Home Court Back in Their Favor June 23rd, 2014 | Horse Racing betting | No Comments »

The Miami Heat pried home-court advantage away from the San Antonio Spurs over the weekend and now are -150 favorites to win the NBA Finals. Bet on the NBA at its best when the veteran Spurs hurt the road against the same team that spurned them in the Finals last season.

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Heat and Spurs in Mix for 2015, but Futures Remain Uncertain June 23rd, 2014 | Horse Racing betting | No Comments »

The Miami Heat qualified for their fourth consecutive finals appearance before bursting into flames. The San Antonio Spurs rallied after a tragic exit in 2013 only to cap off a 15-year-long fairy tale in 2014. But what happens now? Fans looking to bet on the NBA in 2014-2015 need to start thinking about what comes next.

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The runner-up, Miami Heat, tops the sportsbook with odds of 7/2 to win the NBA Championship, just days after the 2014 champion crowning. LeBron James can opt out of his contract this summer, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that he will.

Could LeBron possibly improve his current situation in Miami? Oddsmakers aren’t so sure.

Tim Duncan and the Spurs are at a pivotal juncture. It’s widely expected that the 38-year-old man will strongly consider retirement. Will the fifth ring be the deciding factor? From a skills and health perspective, he certainly doesn’t have to retire, making the decision all the more difficult.

The Oklahoma City Thunder (6/1) and the Chicago Bulls (9/1) are joining the Heat and Spurs as early contenders for the next title. We like the idea of a victorious Kevin Durant, but will need more convincing before hopping back on the Derrick Rose bandwagon.

That’s where you come in. Weigh in on the 2014-2015 campaign early.